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This page connects you to all known publications related to the 6th Armored Division, from its inception and training, through its combat campaigns in Europe, to the formation of its post-war veterans' association. Many of these documents are excerpted or even reproduced in their entirety on this or affiliated sites.


Divisional Histories

Excerpts from: 
The Super Sixth: The History of the 6th Armored Division 
in World War II and its post-war Association

by George F. Hofmann, with maps, cover, and heraldry designs by Richard M. Crossett.
Hofmann history cover  This is THE definitive book about the 6th Armored Division. It was first published in 1975, and was out of print for several years, but it has now been reprinted. It tells the story of the 6th Armored from its pre-war roots, through its exploits in Europe, to the state of the post-war Association in the mid-70s. Historian George F. Hofmann pulled together official records, personal histories, and veterans' photographs to compile a fascinating and technically accurate description of the Super Sixth. He also drew upon the talents of Richard M. Crossett, whose series of maps make up the first excerpt from the book on this web site. 

Excerpts from The Super Sixth: Maps by Richard M. Crossett. 

Important copyright notice: The excerpts from The Super Sixth by George F. Hofmann are not in the public domain. These excerpts are presented here with the generous permission of the author. Copyright 2000, George F. Hofmann. No portions of the book may be reprinted or copied without the permission of George F. Hofmann, Cincinnati, Ohio 45248.

Excerpts from:
Combat History of the Super Sixth

by William E. Rutledge, Jr.  
Combat History cover When William E. Rutledge of Division Headquarters returned home to North Carolina after the war, he published a Division history that provided some background, photographs, and personal stories that were lacking from the excellent but dry Combat Record of the 6th Armored Division

Many, many thanks to Roy Cross, veteran of the 212th Armored Field Artillery Battalion,  B Battery, Recon Section, for the extended loan of his copy so that it could be scanned for this site. 

Excerpts from Combat History of the Super Sixth by William Rutledge. 

From Brest to Bastogne

Brest to Bastogne cover  
The complete text and illustrations of this small (4 inch by 5.5 inch) pamphlet published by Stars and Stripes magazine shortly after the Ardennes campaign. 

Excerpts from:
The Combat History of the Sixth Armored Division in the E.T.O.

scan of Combat History cover Considered one of the best divisional histories to come out of the European Theatre. The day to day descriptions of movement and engagement are extremely detailed and accurate, but do not make for casual reading. However, the appendices contain some fascinating information, and these will be reproduced here over time. Currently, the excerpts cover casualty and decorations statistics. 



Battalion Histories

The following histories were compiled and published shortly after the war. In addition to the ones below which have been scanned for this web site, a number remain in the queue: 50th AIB, 15th Tank Bn, 25th Armored Eng, 777th AAA:
History of the 212th Armored Field Artillery Battalion in the ETO (reproduced in its entirety on the 212th web site, also maintained by this webmaster)
MOUNT UP! A History of the 86th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mechanized) in WW II (reproduced in its entirety on a web site maintained by Mike Barbour, son of 86th Cav Recon veteran Charlie Barbour) 
The Signal Circuit -- History of the 146th Armored Signal Company in WW II, courtesy of Ed Reed and Jack Deeney.
Unit History, 68th Tank BattalionWritten at the end of the war by Lts. Robert J. Burns and John S. Dahl, and published and distributed by battalion adjutant Lt. Paul Warp.

Seek Strike Destroy, the unit history of 1st Platoon, Recon Co., 603rd Tank Destroyer Battalion. Written by Nick Civarra at the end of the war.

We've Come a Long Way Together, the Combat History of Division Trains (reproduced in its entirety, thanks to the efforts of unit veterans Ed Pellegrom (Admin. Chief) and Clint Humphries (Comm Chief), and to Associate member Joe Grimes, son of S/Sgt Hubert Grimes, Trains Recon. 

Division Artillery Battle Book, the Combat History of Division Trains (reproduced in its entirety, thanks to the efforts of Super Sixth family members Marian Deeney and Ute Koch).

Personal Histories and Memoirs

Several Sixers have written down their WW II memories late in life, and they are all very good. These personal histories have an in-your-face quality missing from most unit histories.
The Odor of War, by Sergeant Andy Giambroni, 50th AIB. Written and published in 2000 by a Super Sixer, this book recounts Andy's experiences in Stateside training, through his battle experiences in Europe including his wounding, and his occupation duties and post-war return to civilian life. Andy tells of his experiences with a refreshing blunt honesty, painting a picture of combat from the infantryman's perspective. Order info:

Send check or money order (only) for $20.00, payable to "Odor of War". Price includes shipping and handling. Mail with name, mailing address, city, state and zip to:

    Odor of War
    P.O. Box 459 
    Red Bluff, CA  96080.

$2 for every copy sold in 2001 is donated to the World War II Memorial Fund

NOTE: Add 7% ($1.40) sales tax for delivery in California only.

I was an 18 Year Old Infantry Replacement, by G. Hudson Wirth. Excerpts and ordering information available in the Personal Stories section of this web site.
Five GIs in Battle -- World War II -- , by G. Hudson Wirth. The second book written by this Super Sixer veteran of the 50th AIB. Tells the stories of five of his fellow infantrymen. See the order form.
Division G-1 Col. Jim Moncrief's As You Were, Soldier (excerpts available on Jim's personal web site, maintained by grandson David.  Out of print for many months, a new printing is now available through Jim's web site. Excerpts will someday appear on this web site in the Personal Stories section.
Jim Moncrief's second book, As It Was An excellent follow-up to his first book. Jim is one of my favorite people, and he's led a very full life, lived honorably. Contact him via his web site for order info.
A Soldier's Memories (of the 212th AFA in California and the ETO) -- Photocopied. This document is no longer available.

Other related publications

From Camp Colt to Desert Storm: 
The History of U.S. Armored Forces

Edited by Dr. George F. Hofmann and Gen. Donn A. Starry.
Colt to Storm cover This is the only complete history of the U.S. Armored Forces, and was partially funded by the Sixth Armored Division Association. See the ordering information on the main home page.

Darkness Visible

By Charles Sumners
Darkness cover Charles Sumners was a combat photographer with the 166th Photo Signal Co. His job: go wherever the Third Army was fighting, and take photos. Two of his photos appear in the montage on the front page of this web site. He has just compiled a book of his experiences, and an entire chapter is devoted to the 6th Armored Division. (Weird fact of war: Charles worked with a young non-com who carried a movie camera. Sgt. Russ Meyer. THE Russ Meyer.) Monitor the publisher's web site for book availability: McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, Box 611, Jefferson, North Carolina 28640, USA.

Battle for Brittany

By Jon Gawne
Brittany cover Jon Gawne has published a book about the almost-forgotten battle of Brest in August of 1944. He devotes an entire chapter to the 6th Armored Division's once-famous run to Brest after the breakout from Normandy. See the publisher's web site for ordering information: Militaria.com .

Coming in future updates...

Excerpts from the following publications:
Armored Command cover  Pictorial History of 6th AD cover

Where can I buy these books?

The most common question received by the webmaster of this site is "Where can I buy one of these books?"

Unfortunately, all of the older publications are out of print. Most were published just once during or right after the war, and never reprinted.

The first edition of Hofmann's Super Sixth was published in 1975 and the last copy was sold around 1983.

However, the book has been reprinted by Battery Press, for the first time in 25 years. They are selling this book for 49.95, plus shipping and handling. As of December 10, 2000, the author had a very limited supply that he was selling at a discount price. See the notice on the main home page for ordering information.

Some of the more recent books are still available. Jim Moncrief's As You Were, Soldier is available from his personal web site: http://members.aol.com/jimmonc/soldier.htm. Hudson Wirth's I was an 18 Year Old Infantry Replacement is available for a $20.00 donation to the Patton Museum. See the order form found in the Personal Stories section of this web site. Sergeant Andy Giambroni's recently published The Odor of War is available at the address shown further up on this web page.

You can occasionally locate the older titles through used books dealers. Prices range widely and wildly, depending on the condition of the book, and the knowledge of the book dealer. A mint condition, first edition copy of Hofmann's book might exceed $200 from a dealer who specializes in military publications. Or you might find a prize for a couple of dollars from a seller who knows nothing about the division's history.

Some used military books stores have a strong web presence, and may provide a good starting point in your search.


You can peform an on-line search of several bookstores at:
and at
I acquired my own first edition copy of Hofmann's book from Kisselburg Military Books:
Also, the web site for the 2nd Armor Division ("Hell on Wheels") maintains a book service affiliated with amazon.com

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