212th AFA and 6th Armored Division Veterans' Associations

Sixth Armored Division Association

Unfortunately, the Association voluntarily disbanded in September 2000. A loose network of Sixer veterans, family members, and friends remains, however. If you have just found this site, and never realized that an Association even existed, try sending e-mail to "super6th" at world.std.com.

The Richard F. Howland Chapter, National Guard Field Artillery Veterans of Massachusetts

Although started by veterans of the 212th Armored Field Artillery Battalion, the torch has been passed to veterans of a descendant unit: the 1st Battalion, 211th Field Artillery of the Cold War and Vietnam eras.

The Howland chapter is a very active organization that holds annual reunions in the New Bedford area, well-attended by veterans and families of both units. Membership also extends to the parent unit, the 101st Field Artillery.

Howland Chapter, National Guard Field Artillery Veterans Associates
Abel Leite, Commander
E-Mail: gunr6@aol.com

Former Commander Louis Whitlow's Chapter Home Page .

Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge

Although not formally connected with the 6th Armored Division Association, this organization is of interest to anybody who took part in the Battle of the Bulge. Immediate family members are also eligible for membership. Annual dues are $15, and you receive a newletter five times a year.

Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge
P.O. Box 11129
Arlington, VA 22210-2129

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