Personal Stories from 6th AD Vets

Until now (July 25, 1998), the 6th Armored Division web site has consisted mostly of excerpts from the official histories. But the official histories don't convey the experience of the men in the fox holes, gun turrets, artillery positions, or supply truck driver's seats.

A paragraph in an after-action report might describe an encounter as "light resistance". However, for the GI targeted by the gunfire or mortar shell, that "light resistance" might represent the most terrifying event of his life.

This new section is devoted to first person accounts contributed by Super Sixers who have graciously granted permission to reproduce their stories here.

Table of Contents

  • G. Hudson Wirth, 50th Armd Inf Bn: I was an 18 Year Old Infantry Replacement
  • Roy Denman, 9th Armd Inf Bn: My Army Service in WW II
  • S/Sgt Hubert C. Grimes, Trains Recon: Stories recounted by son Joe Grimes
  • Frank Kotoski, 15th Tank Bn: A Brief Battle, A Long Day
  • Edward Ewers, 231st Armd Fld Arty: A Damned Yankee in the 231st AFA
  • Milton Moncrief, 9th AIB, as told to Jim Moncrief, Div. G-3: The Experiences of an Infantryman in WW II
  • Quentin Leathers, 212th Armd Fld Arty: A Brush Encounter Outside of Kassel with Two Tiger Tanks
  • Royal Mayon, 128th Armd Ord Bn: Interview with High School Student Jenny Eues
  • Cyrus Schockey, Aide to General Grow: Memories of Grow and Patton
  • Jim Moncrief, Div G-1: As You Were, Soldier TBD
  • Dr. Robert Loeffler, 76th Armd Med Bn: Ambushed by 88s TBD

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