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Excerpts from:
Combat Record of the 
Sixth Armored Division in the E.T.O.
July 18, 1944 - May 8, 1945


At the end of the war, the Sixth Armored Division printed a record of its time in Europe. Military historian Dr. George F. Hofmann described this combat record as "one of the finest if not the best divisional record arising out of World War II". The book was edited by Clyde J. Burke, Asst. G-3, and was published by the G-3 I&E Section and Public Relations Office, under the direction of Major Paul L. Bogen, Asst. G-3, I&E.

The majority of the book is a detailed but dry recounting of the Division's campaigns, focusing on the movements of individual units. However, the last 63 pages are devoted to an appendix compiled by the Office of the Chief of Staff under the direction of Captain Cyrus R. Shocky, Aide-de-Camp.

This appendix contains summary information of sometimes unusual and interesting information, often presented with Powerpoint(TM) type graphics.

I will add excerpts from this book as time permits. Currently available:

As of late 2010, I am slowly scanning the rest of this document. Currently the material is very raw, but you are welcome to explore the scans. I am concentrating on:

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