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[Editors Note: This section of the book also contained pages for personal photographs and notes. The blank pages bore the title "Autographs" with lines for Names and Addreseses]


Editor-in-Chief Major Samuel R. Ross

Associate Editors M/Sgt. Edwin H. Friedrich
T/Sgt. Sam Schneidman
S/Sgt. Joseph M. Souza
Tec. 5 Adrian W. Fredricks

Contributing Editors Tec. 4 Merwyn Worthman
Tec. 5 Philip J. Francis

Art Editors Major Lloyd C. Gilman
Tec. 4 John R. MacMichael
Cpl. Charles N. Musser

Cover Design Tec. 5 Michael Andino

Compositor and Cartographer Tec. 5 William F. Bridges

Assistant Compositors Tec. 5 Edward J. Reidt
Pfc. Fritz M. Madsen

Acknowledgement is made with a sense of great appreciation to all those members of the Staff, of the Battery, and of the 146th Signal Co. Who have directly aided by their contributions or encouragement to the success of the Battle Book.

Printed by Rob. Birkner, Apolda/Germany
June 1945

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