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194419 JulyUtah Beachhead
23 July East of Barneville-sur-Mer
29 July Gratot
30 July Montmartin-sur-Mer, Brehal
31 July Avranches
1 August Pliene-Fougeres, La Chardronais
3 August Guitte, Broons, Ereac, Medringnac, Plemet,, Loudeac
4 August Mur-de-Bretagne, Gourec, Rostrene
5 August Locarn, Callac, Louhec, Lanneanou, Le Cloitre
6 August Pleyber, Christ, Menguen, Plouvern, Lesneven
7 August Kerarmel
8 August Gouesnou
9 August Plouvien
10 August Plabennec
14 August Lesneven, Landivislau, Huelgoat, Gourin, Le Faouet, Arzano
13 September Plouay, Baud, Loermel, Bain, Chateaubriant
14 September Sigre, Duratl, La Fieche, Le Lude, La Chartre, Vendome, Marchenoir, Beaugency, Orleans, Chateauneauf, Belegarde
19 September Lorris, Montargis, Sens, Troves
20 September Joinville, Bonnet, Gondrecourt, Colmey-les-Belles
22 September Vezelise, Bayon, Saffais, Rosieres, Dombasle, Buissoncourt, Moncel-sur-Seille, Gremecey, Jallacourt
26 September St. Max
1 October Champenoux, St. Max
7 October Bouxieres-aux-Chenes, St. Max
28 October Pont-a-Mousson
29 October Foret-de-Faco
10 November Vigny, Suchy
11 November Beaux
12 November Haute-Beaux
14 November Vatimont
18 November Harprich, Morhauge
22 November Vintrange, Gros-Tenquin
25 November St. Jean Rohrbach
28 November Hellimer, St. Jean Rohrbach
2 December Valette
3 December Maxstadt
4 December Farschviller
25 December Metz
26 December Nommern, Meisemburg
29 December Habav-La-Neuve
30 December Clochimont
1945 1 January Bastogne
21 January Michamps
22 January Troine, Hacheville
25 January Trois Vierges, Eselborn
23 February Dahnen
25 February Arzfeld, Houf
5 Mrach Vianden
8 March Chateauvoue, France
13 March Gros-Rederching, Achen
16 March Weiskirch
17 March Altheim
20 March Mimbach
21 March Gross-Bockenheim
25 March Marfelden
26 March Rhein-Main Airport
27 March Niederad
28 March Hochstadt
29 March Oppenrod
30 March Hebel
3 April Volkenrode
4 April Struth
5 April Grossengottern
7 April Langensalza
11 April Schmiedehausen
12 April Weissenborn
14 April Drossdorf
15 April Frankenau
16 April Zschoppelshain
24 April Ossa
12 May Schloss Tonndorf

[Editors Note: This was a single large fold out map that was scanned into two documents]

[Left side of map]

Left Side of Map

[Right side of map]

Right Side of Map

Burning Vehicle
13 April
6th Armored Division tank passes a burning German vehicle after a furious battle in the town of Theissen, Germany.

Nazi Fortifications
21 February
Nazi fortifications neutralized by Engineers of the 6th Armored Division near Dahnen, Germany

Bridgehead across Our River
A 6th Armored Division bridgehead across the Our River, Germany

Infantry in Burning Street
2 April
Infantry of the 6th Armored Division dash through burning street in Waldkappel, Germany as walls begin to collapse.

Devastation and Ruins at St. Jean Rohrbach
25 November, '44
This scene of devastation and smouldering ruins met the eyes of U. S. armored troops entering the town of St. Jean Rohrbach.

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