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[Editors Note: This section of the Battle Book includes a photograph and biographical information for all unit members except the Division Artillery Staff who are listed in their own section. To make loading of the files easier, I split this section into several files. Click on the name to go the section contating that person or click next to go the next group of names in order.]

M/Sgt. Michael Allegra
T 5 Michael Andino
T/5 Stanley A. Baker
Cpl. Peter E. Balbier
Cpl. Cecil R. Bardine
Pvt. Robert W. Barnes
T/4 Henry W. Belliveau
Tec. 5 Chester O. Bowman
Pfc. Paul M. Brewer
T/5 William F. Bridges
S Sgt. James R. Burk
Cpl. Howard R. Burton
T/5 Hubert D. Butcher
Pvt. Douglas G. Cain
Pvt. James M. Callison
T/5 Floyd N. P. Carlson
T/5 Moss E. Cassity
T/4 Lyle E. Clevenger
Pvt. Benjamin J. Corrie
T/5 Edward Dale
T/4 Robert L. Davis
Sgt. William M. Dinker
T/5 Andrew Duchon
T/5 John F. Einsfeld
T/5 Frank Fedorko
Pfc. William E. Fey, Jr.
S/Sgt. Peter A. Flannery
Pvt. Arthur R. Foreman, Jr.
T/5 Philip J. Francis
Pfc. Samuel W. Frazee
T/5 Adrian W. Fredricks
M/Sgt. Edwin H. Friedrich
Pfc. Edward N. Gallo
T/5 Milton D. Garland
T/5 Robert Goglin
Pfc. Michael L. Grabowski
T 5 Chester V. Greer
Pfc. Salvatore J. Grillo
T/5 Leroy G. Grob
T 4 Nicholas G. Guido
S/Sgt. Robert E. Hart, Jr.
T/3 Raymond E. Harwood
S/Sgt. Glenn M. Heckart
T/5 Ray H, Hulsey
Pfc. Peter Iannino
Pfc. William O. Johnson
T/5 John M. Jones
Pvt. Thomas L. Jones
Pvt. Matthew Kaczowka
T/5 Arthur D. Kimber
Pfc. Edward P. Kleszczewski
T/4 William A. Kling
Tec. 3 Ernest F. Koerperich
Cpl. Willie L. Lugani
T/4 John R. MacMichael
Pvt. Howard T. May
Pfc. Virgil R. Moore
T/5 Howard T. Muraski
Cpl. Charles N. Musser
S/Sgt. Randall C. Osteen
T/5 Leon H. Papazian
Pfc. Louie H. Peeler
Pvt. Floyd H. Ratcliff
Pvt. Alvin J. Ratzlaff
T/5 Edward J. Reidt
T/4 Willis H. Riggenbach
T/5 George E. Rodgers
Pvt. Howard E. Rollins
T/3 Jack W. Rubey
Pvt. John R. Schaeffer
T/Sgt. Sam Schneidman
Pfc. Gordon S. Schuster
Cpl. Troy F. Sewell
Tec. Sgt. Sidney T. Shores
S/Sgt. Joseph M. Souza
S/Sgt. Bobbie M. Stephenson
S/Sgt. Clarence D. Streeter
T/4 Lester E. Streight
T/4 George Sturgis
T/5 Conrad R. Surprenant
T/4 Amando R. Uresti, Jr.
Pfc. Donald E. Van Bramer
Tec. 4 Leo J. Veary
T 5 Frank J. Walker
T/5 John R. Walker
S/Sgt. Thomas I. Walker
Cpl. Edward I. White
Cpl. George G. Whittington
Pfc. Elmer L. Windham
T/4 Merwyn Worthman
1st Sgt. Victor M. Zuzenak

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