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Brittany Campaign


In Combat 
In Memoriam
Homer Armes  Daniel J. OLeary
Tobea Avino Warren M. Owens
Williford D. Bland, Jr. Leo B. Peak
Fred K. Blaylock Carmine L. Peduto
Charles J. Brand William P. Pendergraph
William G. Busby Herbert P. Perkins
Ansley D. Bush  Raymond R. Polk
Duane H. Callister  Lytle R. Porter
Louis J. Capozi Hubert C. Powell
Thomas O. Carriker Gilbert D. Powers
Dominick D'Amico Robert F. Pulham
Vincent L. Dixon Philip J. Rocco
Edward N. Doyle Charles A. Rogers
Lawrence B. Dunford Eugene C. Rosenacker
Vernon L. Edwards Emil E. Rusch
Alfred R. Ehlers, Jr.  Frank J. Rzesutek
Samuel W. Fay Frank A. Sauro
Raymond W. Fetterman Peter Schmeda
John Fine Max Schulman
Ralph F. Fish John D. Schuyler, Jr
Joseph B. Gagnon John H. Siedenburg
Alvin E. Haffner Charles B. Shaud
Johnnie Hallman  Carl B. Sheldon
James E. Harvill, Jr. Charles E. Shimashus
William Hehr Charles R. Shunk
Arthur H. Herzing  Theodore Skarzynski
Thomas G. Hill James T. Smith
Leon Jacobs  Norman Spanier
Rene L. Jacoby George E. Stark
Clarence L. Johnson James F. Sullivan
Harry R. Joyner  Aulsey M. Sutton
Thomas M. Kernan James L. Sutton
Stanley J. Kowalcik Joseph D. Taylor
Coy C. Lee  Maxon P. Thomas
John W. Little  Albert C. Thompson
Lacy Marlow William J. Tobin
James J. McGowan Raymond G. Wall
Cecil V. G. Melton William H. Walls
Cordell W. Miller  Webster W. Willis
James J. Murray Herman C. Wilson
James R. Nowell Oscar G. Wilson
John G. Nieckarz Walter Yadlosky
Santo D. Nunziato Joseph A. Zay, Jr.



This is a history of an organization which did a great deal of hard effective fighting, of a unit which received little credit, but which was truly one of the "work horses" of the western front. It is a history which each of you helped to write - and one in which you can take deep pride. It is a history made possible by your skill, courage, stamina and determination. And it is a history written in blood, the blood of those of us who failed to return. To them, it is therefore dedicated.

It was my honor to command the Battalion during much of the time in which this history was made. Of that, I am very proud.

In your future life, I hope that each of you, individually may attain every happiness. And may your individual efforts be as successful as those you made as a unit. To you and yours, the best of luck.



[Div Commander Maj Gen Robert Grow; click on photo for full view]



This will be the record of the 68th Tank Battalion's participation in successive campaigns from the historic breakthrough in Normandy to "VE" Day in the heart of Germany. Before beginning this narrative, however, there are some remarks we must make. Firstly, this history was made possible by the heroically spent blood and sweat of American men, who gave their best for their country. They did well, these men, and though some of them are no longer with us, their deeds will never be forgotten. Some were singled out and cited for their gallantry and heroism, they cannot be praised too highly. Then there were those who were not conspicuously recognized, but who, day in and day out, week in week out, month in month out performed steadily and efficiently, these men under the leadership of their Battalion Commander, Lt. Colonel Harold C. Davall, and his Officers and non-commissioned Officers, are the unsung heroes who made this writing possible. The word "Defeat" never had any meaning for them, unless it were inflicted on their enemy. So, although five campaign stars or this story cannot tell all that they accomplished, we hope that this will help recall, in part at least, why we are proud to have been members of the 68th Tank Battalion.

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