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Notes from the Adjutant



As Adjutant of the 68th Tank Battalion from 19 September 1943 until 22 May 1945, it was my pleasure to know and work with many of you. In appreciation of those pleasant associations I want to share with you this history, facts, figures, and pictures, which will in a small way show our efforts in winning World War II.

In order that every member of the Battalion receives his copy, it will be necessary for each of you to fill out the enclosed card giving name and present address of as many of the men as you know. Kindly do this and return the card to me.

The best of luck to you and yours.





These facts and figures may give you an insight on the magnitude of our operations as a division and a battalion. In casualties, the Division had 110 officers killed and we had 9, the Division 1172 enlisted men killed and we had 75, wounded the figures ran 294 officers and 4,086 enlisted men for the Division and we had 27 officers and 185 enlisted men, Of the 52 people missing in action in the Division, we had one, In non-battle casualties the division had 272 officers and 4,885 enlisted men and we had 12 and 260, As a matter of comparison, our casualties were lower than either of the other two tank battalions, 187 personnel returned to duty from casualty status and 373 replacements joined the battalion during combat.

We had six battlefield appointments- 1st Lt. Harry Burger, 1st Lt, Vernard Brock-Jones, 2nd Lt. Millard Watson, 2nd Lt. John Dahl, 2nd Lt. Everett Tourjee, and 2nd Lt, Waldo Shumway. All but Shumway served within the battalion after being commissioned.

The division awarded the following medals:

          15            1457            5221            1633              31

We had -- 2               97             327             126               2

The Distinguished Service Crosses went to 1st Lt. Vernon L. Edwards of Baker company posthumously for his work on the Han Sur Neid River Crossing, and Major Daniel E. Smith for his actions at Landroff, France. The soldiers medals went to T/4 Harold Stanisch of Maintenance for his quick thinking in throwing can of gasoline and thereby saving lives and equipment. T/5 George Farmer of Headquarters for his aggressive action at Dinglestadt, Germany in extricating a dead pilot of a P47 which had crashed nearby, even though the plane was burning.

The percentage of personnel who were still in the division on VE day and sailed from the States with us -- Division 60% of Officers and WOs, 54% of NCOs of 1st 3 grades, and 66% of Enlisted men less the 1st 3 grades and in the battalion we had 48% of the Officers and Warrant Officers, 60% of the NCOs of the 1st three grades and 66% of the Enlisted men less the 1st 3 grades, (Personally, I feel these figures a little high, but have no records to back up my thoughts.) The division sent 5,500,000 letters and received 7,500,000 letters and we sent 375,000 parcels and received 425,000 parcels. In Money Orders, the division sent home $1,351,220,77, 28% of total earned pay was sent home by Money Order, Personal Transfer Account, and other means after it had first been drawn in cash from the division finance officer. Only about 10% of the pay was retained by the troops.

The Provost Marshal processed 61,864 prisoners of war and the biggest batch came through during the period 9 March thru 8 May when 48,433 looked at the 6th Armored Patch and knew the jig was up. Four of the ten chaplains who started the campaign with us did not finish, one was killed, and three evacuated, The division had 847 Sunday Services with a total attendance of 53,590 and 813 week day services with an attendance of 38,321. 57 Jewish services were held with attendance of 819. 38,171 received Holy Communion and 21,409 confessions were heard.

The 68th received 80 new light and medium tanks to replace worn out and knocked out equipment. 17 peeps and 10 6x6's were also replaced. As for shooting we used 1,837,750 rounds of 30 cal. MG.; 60,700 carbine; 63,172 rifle; 233,400 45 cal. ball; 2760 37mm.; 2439 81mm. Mortar; 16,155 75mm.; 6,408 rounds 76mm.; and 10,844 rounds of 105 mm. howitzer. (This can be explained by the action of "Battery Hickerson" who fired twice as many rounds as one tank battalion and 1300 rounds more than the other tank battalion. Those artillerymen who watched this battery fire, all agreed that it was doing top notch shooting.) We used 3,658 grenades, and 144,435 rounds of cal. 50.

Maps -- the division used 144,435 sheets which weighed 21.4 tons.

Trucks -- division trucking companies traveled far enough to go 37 1/2 times around the world merely to bring supplies to the supply dump located in the division area.

4,211,074 rations (1 ration equals 3 meals for one man) were drawn in the nine month period. 19,769 pairs of socks were issued. 11,471 field jackets, 22,037 shirts, 18,032 trousers, 13,642 overcoats, 13,272 overshoes, and 73,821 underwear. 5,479,770 gallons of 80 octane gasoline were used. This amounts to a sizeable pile of supplies, even for a division.

The division evacuated 1,289 American dead and 800 german dead. Cemeteries in which division dead are buried are: St. Mere Eglise, Blonville, St. James, Chalons, Andilly, Limey, Grand Failly, and St, Avold, France; Fay, Belgium; Hamm, Luxembourg; Stromberg, Butzbach, Eisenach, and Brenau, Germany.


                                            July 23                         May 8

Battalion Commander                         Lt. Col. Davall                 Same
Executive Officer                           Major Brown                     Major Smith
Adjutant                                    Lt. Warp                        Same
S2                                         Capt. Raines                     Lt. Burns
S3                                         Major Britton                     Major McKenna
S3 Air                                     Capt. Parker                     Capt. Morris
S4                                         Capt. Jacoby                     Capt. Burns
S5                                         Capt. Klotz                      Capt. Halloran
Liaison                                    Lt. Burns                         Lt. Sillins


Commanding                                  Capt. Brown                     Capt. Hickerson
Motor Officer                               Lt. Mohr                        Same
Reconnaissance                              Lt. Linebaugh                   Same
Mortar                                      Lt. England                     Lt. Glenn
Assault                                     Lt. Hickerson                   Lt. Clapp


Commanding                                     Capt. Polk                     Capt. Parker
Motor Officer                                  Lt. George                     Lt. Hogan
Platoon Leader                                 Lt. Zimmer                     Lt. Brock-Jones
Platoon Leader                                 Lt. Hafley                     Lt. Houston
Platoon Leader                                 Lt. Kratzer                    Lt. Pavlich


Commanding                                     Capt. Bland                     Capt. Russell
Motor Officer                                  Lt. Edwards                     Lt. Jannon
Platoon Leader                                 Lt. Russell                     Lt. Long
Platoon Leader                                                                 Lt. Jones
Platoon Leader                                                                 Lt. Hughey


Commanding                                        Capt. Smith                  Capt. Collins
Motor Officer                                     Lt. Schor                    Lt. Metzger
Platoon Leader                                    Lt. Hoffmann                 Lt. Lundy
Platoon Leader                                    Lt. Lundh                    Lt. Parris
Platoon Leader                                    Lt. Elliott                  Lt. Dahl


Commanding                                         Capt. McKenna                 Capt. Raines
Motor Officer                                      Lt. Halloran                  Lt. Larsen
Platoon Leader                                     Lt. Siedentop                 Lt. Allen
Platoon Leader                                     Lt. Lequire                   Lt. Ketchum
Platoon Leader                                     Lt. Collins                   Lt. Hughes


Commanding                                         Capt. Burns                   Capt. Keville
Motor Officer                                      Lt. Keville                   Lt. Bierer
Transport Officer                                  Lt. Elder                     Same
Supply W 0                                         WOJG Morse                    Same
Auto W 0                                           WOJG Russell                  Same
Personnel                                          CWO Exner                     Same


Surgeon                                           Capt. Schlossman               Capt. Rosin
Assistant                                         Lt. Callister                  Lt. Consroe




Sgt. Major                                   None                         M/Sgt. Knott
Intelligence                                 S/Sgt. Lander                T/Sgt. Uszner
Operations                                   T/Sgt. Etheridge             Sgt. Petrillo
Supply                                       T/Sgt. Sunderland            Sgt. Nudelman


1st Sergeant                                 1st Sgt. Chinn                  Same
Reconnaissance                               S/Sgt. Helton                   Same
Mortar                                       S/Sgt. Hailley                  Same
Assault                                      S/Sgt. Kretchmer                S/Sgt. Haefmeyer
Motor Sergeant                               S/Sgt. Brown                    Same


1st Sergeant                                  1st Sgt. Watson               1st Sgt. Foutch
Motor Sergeant                                T/Sgt. Bement                 Same
Platoon Sergeant                              S/Sgt. Brock-Jones            S/Sgt. D'Orazio
Platoon Sergeant                              S/Sgt. Burger                 S/Sgt. Sucharski
Platoon Sergeant                              S/Sgt. Shumway                S/Sgt. Yadlowski


1st Sergeant                                   1st Sgt. Doyle               1st Sgt. Carter
Motor Sergeant                                 T/Sgt. Del Moro              Same
Platoon Sergeant                               S/Sgt. Rewucki               Same
Platoon Sergeant                               S/Sgt. Mackay                Same
Platoon Sergeant                               S/Sgt Tourjee                S/Sgt. Esposito


1st Sergeant                                   1st Sgt. Dahl              S/Sgt. Poppe
Motor Sergeant                                 T/Sgt. Harper              Same
Platoon Sergeant                               S/Sgt. Mays                S/Sgt. Hicks
Platoon Sergeant                               S/Sgt. Reece               S/Sgt. Haun
Platoon Sergeant                               S/Sgt. Crumb


1st Sergeant                                   1st Sgt. Degnan            1st Sgt. Goldstein
Motor Sergeant                                 T/Sgt. Ebert               Same
Platoon Sergeant                               S/Sgt. Shevlin             S/Sgt. Porter
Platoon Sergeant                               S/Sgt. Sutton              S/Sgt. Colas
Platoon Sergeant                               S/Sgt. Karpinski           S/Sgt. Torrance


1st Sergeant                                   1st Sgt. Knott           1st Sgt. Granigan
Motor Sergeant                                 S/Sgt. Templeton             Same
Transport                                      S/Sgt. Macomber              Same
Maintenance                                    T/Sgt. Shore                 Same
Personnel                                      T/Sgt. Hogan                 Same

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