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A History of the 212th AFA in WWII, cont.

Photos, B Battery (pages 49 - 51 of original history)

Executive Section:

Standing: Cameron, Bower, Horton, Lt. Welden
Kneeling: Crowe, Preston, Olson, Wall

Reconnaissance Section:

Standing: Lt. Salemi, Arrow, Erwin
Kneeling: Uvanni, Cross, Castle

Mess Section:

Standing: Franzen, Vosmus, Angelo
Kneeling: Zmuda, Peters

Maintenance Section:

Horton, Toby, Gilmore, Burbank, Perkinson

Ammunition Section:

Standing: Patriquin, Coy, Wodell, Tucker Kneeling: Clark, Tucciarone, McGee

1st Gun Section:

Standing: Hutto, Macias, Cascio, Johnson
Kneeling: Bolton, Troupe, Rego, Rome

2nd Gun Section:

Standing: Fill, Manley, Hawes, Belonga
Kneeling: Castano, Paluk, Kruetz

3rd Gun Section:

Standing: Solak, Langlois, Kirby, Saint
Kneeling: Kerestus, Vacchiano, Croteau, Goldsmith

4th Gun Section:

Standing: Braken, Di Bella, Packard
Kneeling: Rapisard, Staats, Alden, Virginis, DiMaggio

5th Gun Section:

Standing: Webb, Baker, Naso, Studniarz
Kneeling: Skiba, Hanks, Caffelle

6th Gun Section:

Standing: Plahn, Joihnson, Shepard, MacQuinn, Smith
Kneeling: O'Malley, Flowers

Battery Commander's Section:

Latta, Ouellette, Studley, Cragin, G. W. Taylor

Supply Section:

Standing: Deane, Latta
Kneeling: Buckley, Burgess


Standing: Ouellette, Pragin, Pekriel
Kneeling: Gomes, G. F. Taylor, Rochelle


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