Photos, Battery B
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Photos, Service Battery

A History of the 212th AFA in WWII, cont.

Photos, C Battery (pages 52 and 53 of original history)

Executive Section:

Standing: Giddens, Gouvia, McCormack, Soitos, Lt. Douress
Kneeling: Bethel, Correia, Todorsky, Stiffler

1st Gun Section:

Standing: Lucey, Schuster, Gaouette, Turgyan, Martindale
Kneeling: Nunnally, D'Agostino, Johnson

3rd Gun Section:

Standing: Marzloff, Amaral, Shell
Kneeling: O'Brien, Heasley

Maintenance Section:

Standing: Menice, Harvishak, Faulkner
Kneeling: Dean, Porter, Sonnenberg

4th Gun Section:

Diaz, Lopez, Healy, Kon, Gies

5th Gun Section:

Standing: Popich, Santoro, Hawkins, Rose, Proper
Kneeling: Cardoza, M. Silva

2nd Gun Section:

Standing: Jackson, Tantillo, Luketich, Hughey
Kneeling: Gallant, Hayes, Main

6th Gun Section:

Standing: Rick, Turner, Writght, Pecoriello
Kneeling: Nemetz, Rybka

Ammunition Section:

Standing: Wilson, Roberts, Donovan, Spodnick, Silva
Kneeling: Smith, Sawyer

Mess Section:

Silvia, Doyle, Groce, Seekell



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