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[Web editor's note: Details in this section cannot be assumed to be authoritative. First, the optical scanner had a lot of trouble with the original typeface and introduced many errors such as confusing B and S, and G and O, with the result that many Bronze Star and Silver Star recipients had their awards reversed, and one guy named "Owen" became a "Gwen". I've tried to catch all these errors, but one or two may have slipped by me. Also, the original information is of unknown quality: a clerk/typist in occupied Germany using a manual typewriter on a tight deadline may have introduced errors in the 1945 draft. Finally, medals were sometimes not awarded until months or years after the campaign, so inclusion or omission of a particular award in this list isn't necessarily accurate.

Also, please note that the original text included street addresses. Because of the way addresses on the Internet seem to end up on junk mailing lists, I have chosen to purge this information for web presentation.]

Key to award abbreviations:

SS-Silver Star                     OLC-Oak Leaf Cluster
BS-Bronze Star Medal               CG-Croix de Guerre
AM-Air Medal                       PH-Purple Heart


Name                                 Address                       Awards

Lt.Col. Phillip H. Pope              Seattle, Wash.                SS,AM,OLC-AM, BS,
                                                                   OLC-BS,Croix de Guerre w/Palme
Major Arnold M. Anderson             Stevens Pt., Wis.             SS,BS,OLC-BS
Major Silas R. Langlois              E. Fairhaven, Mass.           BS
Major Joseph W. Menges               W. Roxbury, Mass.             SS,BS,OLC-BS
Capt. Robert W. Baker                Elgin, Ill.                   BS,OLC-BS,PH
Capt. John H. Donovan                Waltham, Mass.                BS
Capt. Paul A. Graham                 Somerville, Mass.             SS,BS,PH
Capt. Lawrence W. Greene             Cambridge, Mass.              BS,OLC-BS
Capt. Phillip C. Hawkes              Belmont, Mass.                BS,OLC-BS,PH
Capt. Alvin A. Hoffman               Mattapan, Mass.               BS
Capt. Winthrop S. Jameson, Jr.       Belmont, Mass.                BS,OLC-BS,PH,OLC-PH
Capt. Frank J. Lee                   Wichita Falls, Tex.           BS,OLC-BS
Capt. Frank K. McDowell              Flint, Mich.                  BS,OLC-BS
Capt. Miles F. Ocasek                Villa Park, Ill.
Capt. Theodore H. Page,Jr.           Peoria, Il1.                  BS,OLC-BS
Capt. Allen T. Porter                Beaver Dam, Ky.               BS
Capt. William J. Weaver              Delmar, New York              BS,OLC-BS
1st Lt. Emil L. Barcklay            Spokane, Wash.                SS,AM, 9 OLC-AM
1st Lt. Thomas N. Blake             Asheville, N.C.               SS,OLC-SS,BS,PH
1st Lt. Lewis Blumberg              Brockton, Mass.               SS,OLC-SS,AM,8 OLC-AM, PH
1st Lt. Frank W. Cleary             Cincinnati, 0.                SS,AM, 7 OLC-AM,BS
1st Lt. Woodrow W. Cobb             San Gabriel, Cal.             SS,AM, 2 OLC-AM,BS
1st Lt. Phillip C. Douress          W. Chester, Pa.               BS
1st Lt. Arthur M. Frederick         Arlington, Mass.              SS,BS
1st Lt. Elmer J. Gruber             Cincinnati, Ohio              BS, OLC-BS
1st Lt. Donald S. Johnston          Tacoma, Wash.                 BS,OLC-BS,PH
1st Lt. James J. Landy              Bronx, New York               SS,BS,OLC-BS,PH
1st Lt. Edward B. Ledford           Los Angeles, Cal.             SS,AM,5 OLC-AM
1st Lt. Harold P. McAnally          Hapeville, Ga.                SS,BS,OLC-BS,PH,OLC-PH
1st Lt. John W. McGee               Oklahoma City, Okla.
1st Lt. Albert L. McLaughlin        Senecaville, Ohio             BS
1st Lt. George H. Metcalf           Auburn, New York              SS
1st Lt. Rodney F. Mortensen         Modesto, Calif.               BS
1st Lt. Anton A. Pritchard          N. Providence, R.I.           SS,BS,PH
1st Lt. Nilo  H. Salemi             Chicago, Ill.                 SS,BS
1st Lt. George W. Stock             Parkland, Pennsylvania        SS,BS,AM,PH
1st Lt. James W. Welden             Columbia, Missouri            SS,BS
1st Lt. Robert R. Wells,Jr.         Eagle Lake, Tex.              SS,AM,OLC-AM,BS,PH
1st Lt. Milton Wolfman              Norwich, Conn.                SS,BS,OLC-BS,PH
2nd Lt. Howard D. Anderson          Chicago, Ill.                 PH
2nd Lt. James E. Biggs              Wichita Falls, Tex.           PH
2nd Lt. Albert M. Jagger         North Platte, Nebr. (Killed in Action) BS(POS),PH(POS)
2nd Lt. Julius B. Knight            Columbus, Ohio
2nd Lt. Joseph H. Pavlik            S. Minneapolis, Minn.         SS,PH
2nd Lt. George Pogas                Milwaukee, Wis.               SS,BS
2nd Lt. Frederick C. Sorensen       Salt Lake City, Utah          BS
2nd Lt. Joseph W. Stember           Baltic, South Dakota          BS
2nd Lt. Ernest K. Stennes           Perley, Minnesota
WOJG John H. Glenn                   Louisville, Ky.               BS
WOJG Kenneth E. Kennedy              Albion, Pennsylvania          BS


Name                                  Address                       Awards

M/Sgt. Carl Rosenstock               Brockton, Mass.                BS
lst/Sgt. Richard McGlinchey          Nabanasett, Mass.              BS
T/Sgt. Everett Dashoff               Fall River, Mass.              PH, BS
T/Sgt. Lionel Lawrence               S. Dartmouth, Mass.            BS, OLC-BS
S/Sgt. John J. Cashins               S. Boston, Mass.
S/Sgt. Louis T.Grilk                 Marblehead, Mass.
S/Sgt. Earl F. McGrath               Hyde Park, Mass.               BS
T/3 Lawrence E. Jensen               Minneapolis, Minn.             BS
Sgt.Richard Howland               New Bedford, Mass. (Killed in Action)   PH (pos)
Sgt. Lawrence D. Minor               New Orleans, La.               BS, PH
Sgt. Leo E. Neagle, Jr.              Cohassett, Mass.               BS
Sgt. Anthony W. Rodrigues            New Bedford, Mass.
T/4 Francisco Abenilla               Elizabeth, N.J.                BS, PH, OLC-PH
lst/Sgt.Manuel S. Costa              N. Fairhaven, Mass.            BS
T/Sgt. John J. Connolly              Roxbury, Mass.                 BS
T/Sgt. Joseph G. Keefe               Fall River, Mass.              SS, BS, OLC-BS,PH
T/Sgt. John J.  Wall                 Fresno, Calif.                 BS
S/sgt. Albert J. Griffin             Watertown, Mass.               BS
S/Sgt. Eugene H. Howland,Jr.         New Bedford, Mass.
S/Sgt. Andrew P. Morris              Ashland City, Tenn.            BS
Sgt. William H. Anderson             Barnett, Missouri              BS
Sgt. Michael J. Mesiarik             Sutersville, Pa.               SS, PH, OLC-PH
Sgt. James A. Morency                New Bedford, Mass.             SS, PH
Sgt. Edward T. Phillips              Dorchester, Mass.              SS
Sgt. Arthur F. Smith                 Lowell,  Mass.
T/4 Maureece Alewine                 Atkins, Ark.                   BS, PH, OLC-PH
T/4 Cecil G. Boughtin                Beatrice, Nebr.
T/4 Claude L. Collins                Sweatman, Miss.
T/4 Maurice Emond                    Fall River, Mass.
T/4 Ray. F. Gegenheimer              Newark, N.J.                   PH
T/4 John C. Grady                    Woonsocket, R.I.               PH, BS
T/4 Edgar E. Hammond                 Louisville, Ky.
T/4 Roland J Henner                  Fairhaven, Mass.               BS,PH
T/4 Edward G. Laferriere             New Bedford, Mass.             BS
T/4 Louis A. Mando                   Erie, Pa.                      BS
T/4 William T. McBride, Jr.          Folcroft, Pa.                  BS
T/4 John W. Newman                   Middletown, N.Y.               SS,BS,PH, OLC-PH
T/4 Morris B. Page                   Wilmington, Del.
T/4 Francis E. Pyle                  Chester,Pa.                    SS
T/4 David Robshaw                    Irvington, N.J.                BS
T/4 Wm. J. Shockley                  Brawley, Calif.
T/4 Ernest B. Smith                  New Bedford, Mass.
T/4 Sidney H. Stouffer               Franklin, Pa.                  BS
Cpl. Clarence W. David               Smithfield, Pa.
Cpl. Frank S. Dias                   Fall River, Mass.              BS
Cpl. Edward J. Espinola              New Bedford, Mass.             BS
Cpl. Gosta E. Falkman                St. Paul, Minn.                BS, PH
Cpl. David L. Fitting                Taunton, Mass.                 BS
Cpl. Herman J. Funk                  Chicago, Ill.
Cpl. William F. Heller               Newark, N.J.
Cpl. Alfred Jeglinski                New Bedford, Mass.             BS
Cpl. Matthew J. Kalafsky          Greensboro, Pa.( Killed in Action) PH (Pos)
Cpl. Salvatore P. Parisi             Bronx, N.Y.                    BS
Cpl. John K. Snyder                  Florin, Pa.                    PH
Cpl. Edward Trojan                   Philadelphia, Pa.              BS
T/5 Edgar W. Brown                   Morristown, N.J.
T/5 Thomas D. Callahan               Forrest City, Ark.             BS
T/5 Ralph L. Carroll                 Malden, Mass.                  BS
T/5 John G. Dombroski                Springfield, I1l.              BS
T/5 Gerard E. Ducharme               New Bedford, Mass.             BS
T/5 Olen R. Dudley                   Liberal, Kansas                SS
T/5 Leon J Edmonston, Jr.            W. Bridgewater, Mass.          BS
T/5 Alfred Fernandez                 Fairhaven, Mass.               BS
T/5 John Funtik                      Detroit, Mich.                 BS
T/5 Evlalio P. Garcia                Ft. Worth, Tex.
T/5 Charles Gifford                  Trenton, N.J.                  BS, OCL-BS
T/5 Arnold Gonsalves                 New Bedford, Mass.             BS
T/5 Kenneth S. Gross                 Fall River, Mass.              PH
T/5 Byron E. Haskins                 Dighton, Mass.                 BS
T/5 Joseph Herman                    Jersey City, N.J.              BS
T/5 Otha F. Horne                    Florien, La.                   BS
T/5 Cliff. H. Hutchison              Denton, Texas                  PH
T/5 Grover C. Kilgore, Jr.           Mulberry, Ark.
T/5 Leslie H. Kirk                Hamilton, Texas                (Killed in Action)PH(Pos)
T/5 Salvadore V. Logreco             New Orleans, La.               BS
T/5 Clayton E. Mann                  Finksburg, Maryland            BS
T/5 John J. Nee                      Jersey City, N.J.
T/5 Franklin L. Peacock              Baltimore, Md.
T/5 Warren W. Priest                 Freehole, N.J.                 BS
T/5 Eugene F. Rabbeitt               Bronx, N.Y.
T/5 Eugene J. Richard                New Bedford, Mass.
T/5 Edmond L. Richardson             Potosi, Wisc.
T/5 Stephen T. Rutkowski             Elizabeth, N.J.                PH
T/5 Martin Schwartz                  Chicago, Ill.
T/5 Ralph B. Snowden                 Newport, Ky.
T/5 Leonard R. Sorrels               Ft. Worth, Tex.
T/5 Milton J. Souza                  New Bedford, Mass.
T/5 Gilbert A. Sylvia                New Bedford, Mass.             BS
T/5 Joseph E. Szydlowski             E. Vandergrift, Pa.            BS
T/5 Homer M. Thomas                 Liberal, Missouri              BS
Pfc. Troy L. Bennett                Eastland, Texas                BS,PH
Pfc. Leroy Breault                  Fairhaven, Mass.               BS
Pfc. Oscar L. Brissette             New Bedford, Mass.             BS
Pfc. Joseph E. Brown                Omaha, Nebr.                   PH
Pfc. Howard S. Crumb                Wymore, Nebr.
Pfc. Albert A. DeMaris              C/o H. Schmidt, Calumet,Okla.  PH,BS
Pfc. Edwin F. Finkler               Jersey City, N.J.
Pfc. William H. Gritt               Montvale, N.J.                 PH
Pfc. Howard D. Hall                 Lascassas, Tenn.               BS
Pfc. John J. Kantrimas              Elizabeth, N.J.                PH
Pfc. Antone Marshall                N. Fairhaven, Mass.            BS
Pfc. Alfred R. Neville              Taunton, Mass.                 BS, PH
Pfc. Leroy M. Rothrock              Newport, Pa.                   SS
Pfc. Henry M. Power                 Abbeville, S. Car              BS
Pvt. David O. Adwell                Louisville, Ky.
Pvt. Alex J. Baca                   Los Angeles, Calif.
Pvt. James E. Bebee                 Zwolle, La.                    SS,BS,OLC-BS
Pvt. Melvin L. Bumgardner           Chatham, Ill.                  PH
Pvt. Samuel J. Facas             Paterson, N.J.  (Killed in Action)PH
Pvt. Salvatore J. Fusco             New York, N.Y.
Pvt. John P. Garbowski              Harrison, N.J.                 PH
Pvt. William C. Hodgin              Spencer, Iowa                  PH
Pvt. Joseph M. Manilla              Sharon, Pa.
Pvt. Joseph H. Menard               New Bedford, Mass.
Pvt. Frank C. Palisano              Buffalo, N.Y.
Pvt. Estele A. Patton               Mancelonia, Mich.
Pvt. Gino V. Pellicci               Detroit, Mich.
Pvt. Albert T. Schmidt              Newark, N.J.
Pvt. George Wagner                  Brooklyn, N.Y.
Pvt. Richard W. Wallace             Lepanto, Ark.
Pvt. Ralph F. Warn                  New Bedford, Mass.             PH
Pvt. William G. Wright              Dike, Texas                    PH,OLC-PH


Name                        Address                         Awards

S/Sgt. Arthur L. Hovasse            Chelsea, Mass                  BS
S/Sgt. James P. Stevensen           Micollet, Minn.                BS,PH
T/3 Willford Olson                  Los Angeles, Calif.            BS
T/3 Albin P. Fennelly               Fall River, Mass.
T/4 Milton Margolis                 Wilkes Barre, Pa.              Med. Badge
Cpl. Ovill S. Olson                 Terrace, Minn.
T/5 Henry F. Parsons                Newton, Mass.
T/5 James E.Phillips                Nashville, Tenn                BS
T/5 John M. Rhodes                  Philadelphia, Pa.
Pfc. Charles L. Karps               El Monte, Calif.
Pfc. Arnold L. Robinson             Knoxville, Tenn.
Pvt. Eugene P. McCarthy             Boston, Mass.


Name                          Address                       Awards

lst Sgt. Jerome J. Cura            South Boston, Mass.            SS,BS
lst Sgt. Henry E. Parkin           New Bedford, Mass.             BS
S/Sgt. William S. Harwood           New Bedford, Mass.             BS
S/Sgt. William P. McCarthy          New Bedford, Mass.             SS,BS
S/Sgt. Joseph C. Osborne            New Bedford, Mass.             BS
S/Sgt. Ronald Winstanley            Pawtucket, R.I.                BS
S/Sgt. Henry C. Zeitler             New Bedford, Mass.               BS
Sgt. Leo A. Fredette                New Bedford, Mass.
Sgt. Gordon W. Haworth              New Bedford, Mass.               BS
Sgt. Albert F. Lind                 Milton, Mass.                    BS
Sgt. Charles J. Mallano             Brooklyn N.Y.                    BS
Sgt. Roderick H. May                St. Joseph, La.                  BS
Sgt. Edward W. McAlpine          Fairhaven, Mass.(Killed in Action)  PH(Pos)
Sgt. Harry F. Michalski             Erie, Pa.                        BS
Sgt. Donald W. Sandiford            New Bedford, Mass.               BS
Sgt. Joseph Viera,Jr.               N. Dartmouth, Mass.              BS
T/4 Edward Barriteau                New Bedford, Mass.
T/4 Herbert Crompton                Albany, N.Y.                     PH
T/4 Anthony J. DiAndrea             Erie, Pa.                        PH
T/4 Steve Neofotistos               Dracut, Mass.
T/4 Muncy H. Pendergraft            Fifty-Six, Ark.
T/4 Dan R. Rogers                   Gower, Missouri                  BS
T/4 John A. Romano                  Brooklyn, N.Y.
T/4 Nicholas Rome                   Paterson,N. J.                   BS
T/4 Elmer L. Spencer                Sherman, Texas
T/4 William R. White                Hartford, N. Car.
Cpl. Albert J. Bretton              Methuen, Mass.                   PH
Cpl. William H. Carr                Camden, N.J.
Cpl. Wilfred Costa                  New Bedford, Mass                SS
Cpl. Oscar O. Everetts              Schenectady, N.Y.
Cpl. Walter L. Goertz               Baltimore, Md.                   BS
Cpl. Charles H. Hutcheson           Uniontown, Pa.
Cpl. Charles E. Keys, Jr.           Ventnor City, N.J.
Cpl. Quinton Leathers, Jr.          Deleplane, Ark.                  SS
Cpl. Raymond J. Leger               New Bedford, Mass.
Cpl. Roland G. Marcoux              Providence, R.I.                 BS
Cpl. Albert F. Murphy               Brockton, Mass.                  BS,SS
Cpl. Nicholas Rodnicki              Elizabeth, N.J.                  PH
T/5 Lucianno J. Araujo              S. Dartmouth, Mass.
T/5 Boyce L. Callender              Remmel, Ark.
T/5 Kerrins T. Conroy               Newton, Mass.
T/5 James E. Flowers                Punta Gorda,Fla.
T/5 Frank C. Hart                   Westfield, Mass.                 BS
T/5 John J. Kyranakis               Hempstead L.I., N.Y.             BS,SS
T/5 Thomas W.  Lavin                Methuen, Mass.
T/5 Deodato Medeiros                New Bedford, Mass.               BS,SS
T/5 Antonio Mello                   New Bedford, Mass.
T/5 Harold F. Merrill               Chelmsford,  Mass.
T/5 Clarence E. Sabin               Vandergrift, Pa.
T/5 Michael Savosik                 Chelsea, Mass.
T/5 August C. Schultz               Chicago, Ill.
T/5 Luther G. Sisk                  Big Flat,Ark.                    PH
T/5 Joseph Quirk                    Fairhaven, Mass.
T/5 Harry Weisberg                  Fall River, Mass.
T/5 Grady E. Wilson                 Hico, Texas                      PH
T/5 John D. Wilson                  Glen Rose, Texas                 BS
T/5 Stanley J  Zaczek               Fall River, Mass.                BS
Pfc. Richard C. Albee               St. Johnsbury, Vt.
Pfc. Harry W. Arringtom             Dallas, Tex.
Pfc. Arthur Arzt                    Bronx, New York
Pfc. Robert D. Barker               Sugar Grove, Va.                 SS
Pfc. Jake A. Barnes                 Trinity, Tex.                    PH
Pfc. Hillery H. Bell                Springfield, N.C.                PH
Pfc. Robert E. Bennett              Dartmouth, Mass.
Pfc. Frank G. Bibb                  Batesvllle, Ark.
Pfc. Harry J. Brzoska               Chicago, Ill..
Pfc. Edward J. Burda                Ft. Worth, Tex.
Pfc. Lewis F. Carney                Ashland City, Tenn.
Pfc. Pasquale A. Caruolo            Providence, R.I.
Pfc. Raymond L. Curle               Memphis, Tenn.
Pfc. Russell S. Clement          Jacksonville, Ark. (Killed in Actin)  PH(Pos)
Pfc. Frank J. Danna                 San Diego, Calif.
Pfc. John J. Doherty                S. Boston, Mass.
Pfc. Agnall G. Ferreira             N. Fairhaven, Mass.
Pfc. Edmund Ferreira                Fairhaven, Mass.                 SM
Pfc. Benjaim F. Forrest             Martinsburg, W.Va.
Pfc. Phillip J.A.Gallant            New Bedford, Mass.               SS,PH
Pfc. Edward F. Gleason              Jersey City,N.J.
Pfc. Melvin G. Goertz               Baltimore, Md.
Pfc. Eugene J. Golden               Chicago, Il1.
Pfc. Arthur J. Grameko               Union, New Jersey
Pfc. Charles E. Goodrich            Hunter, N.Y.                     SS
Pfc. William C. Hawkins             New Albany, Ind
Pfc. Owen O. Hester                 Durham,N.C.
Pfc. William B.  Holder          Teaugue, Tex.  (Killed in Action)PH(Pos)
Pfc. James M. Isabell               Los Angeles, Cal
Pfc. Lehman Jackson                 Myron, Arkansas
Pfc. Frank J.Keenan                 S. Boston, Mass.
Pfc. Pierre Lavoie                  New Bedford, Mass.
Pfc. Roger V. Lizotte               Fall River, Mass.
Pfc. James E. Lykes                 Freehold, N.J.
Pfc. Joseph S.Martin                New Bedford, Mass.
Pfc. Hollis B. Meyer                Dedham, Mass.                    PH
Pfc. Chester J. Moskal              Elizabeth, N. J.                 BS
Pfc. William J.  Nisbet             N. Dartmouth, Mass.              PH
Pfc. Joe B. Ochoa                   San Antonio, Texas
Pfc. George T. Rogers               Leachville, Ark.
Pfc. Norman Rosenberg               Pittsburgh, Pa.                  PH
Pfc. Woodrow W. Pruett              Rainbow,Tenn.
Pfc. Alex H. Sajewski               Cleveland, Ohio                  PH
Pfc. Samuel R. Scott                Lexington, Tenn.
Pfc. Roy Sigman                     Urich, Missouri
Pfc. Arthur C. Sisco                Sussex, N.J.
Pfc. Shelby E. Smith                St. Albans, W.Va.                SS
Pfc. John P. Strong                 Surnet, Tex.                     BS,PH
Pfc. Andres de la Rosa Tamez        Lasara, Tex.
Pfc. Clifford W. Taylor             New Bedford, Mass.
Pfc. Zoltan Tovay                   New York, N.Y.                   BS
Pfc. William B. Troupe              Carney's Point, N.J.
Pfc. Hervey L.Vanasse               New Bedford, Mass.
Pfc. George R. Watson               Grubbs, Ark.
Pfc. Nicholas Wladyka               New York City, N.Y.
Pvt. Harry E. Bates                 Danville, I1l.
Pvt. Phillip H. Davis               Springfield, Missouri
Pvt. Mack Hinds                     Belton, Texas
Pvt. Arthur Mendes                  Boston, Mass.
Pvt. Carrall M. Polk                Old Hickory, Tenn.
Pvt. Frank Valdez                   San Luis, Colo.
Pvt. Charles M. Waltz               Fayetteville, N.C


Name                                Address                           Awards

1st Sgt. Charles Jeglinski          New Bedford, Mass.               BS
S/Sgt. Francis J. Angelo            Brockton, Mass.                  BS
S/Sgt. James C. Brown               Brockton, Mass.                  BS
S/Sgt. Thomas E. Deane              Brockton, Mass.
S/Sgt. Joseph V. Hallin             Manchester, Conn.
S/Sgt. Irvin L. J. Hopkins          Brockton, Mass.                  SS
S/Sgt. Ralph A. Johnson             Brockton, Mass.                  BS,PH
S/Sgt. George W. Meada              E. Bridgewater, Mass.            BS
S/Sgt. Robert J.  Perkinson         Peoria, Ill.
Sgt. Leonard A. Belonga             St. Ignace, Mich.
Sgt. William F. Bower               Brockton, Mass.                 BS
Sgt. Wm. C. Caffelle, Jr.           Brockton, Mass.                 BS,PH
Sgt. John P. Quinn               Brockton, Mass.  (Listed as KIA in Dedication)
[Web editor's note: Sgt. Quinn was not flagged as a casualty in the original
'45 roster, but was included in the Dedication list in the front of the book.]
Sgt. Robert W. Flowers              Ft. Worth, Texas
Sgt. Robert D. Hawes                Watertown, Mass.                BS
Sgt. Eugene W. Latta                Hunker, Pa.                     BS
Sgt. Earl W. Patriquin              Brockton, Mass.
Sgt. Lennart B. W. Plahn            Brockton, Mass.                 SS
Sgt. Henry L. Preston               Pennsauken, N.J.                BS
Sgt. Leroy Saint                    Moulton, Ala.                   BS
T/4 George A. Franzen               Brockton, Mass.                 PH
T/4 Lloyd E. Gilmore                Detroit, Mich.
T/4 Fred.R. Goldsmith               Dorchester, Mass.
T/4 Thomas B. MacQuinn              W. Bridgewater, Mass.           BS
T/4 Joseph W. Mannix                Whitman, Mass.
T/4 Horace R. Packard               Avon, Mass.
T/4 Russell B. Studley              Foxboro, Mass.                  SS
T/4 Louis A. Toby                   New Albany, Ind.
Cpl. Kenneth H. Burbank             N. Easton, Mass.                BS
Cpl. Roland Croteau                 Fall River, Mass.
Cpl. Wilbert Erwin                  Woburn, Mass.                   SS,BS,PH
Cpl. William J. Leahy               Brooklyn, N.Y.                  SS,BS
Cpl. Freeland C. McGee              Oklahoma City, Okla.
Cpl. Vincent Naso                   Brooklyn, N.Y.
Cpl. Salvatore J. Rapisarda         Lawrence, Mass.
Cpl. John M. Remeika                Bloomfield, N.J.                BS
Cpl. George W. Rome                 New Orleans, La.
Cpl. Thaddeus J. Studniarz          Fall River, Mass.
Cpl. George F. Taylor               Brockton, Mass.
T/5 James A. Baldwin                Everett,  Mass.
T/5 Edgar T. Buckley                W. Roxbury, Mass.               BS,PH
T/5 Elmer T. Burgess                Brockton, Mass.                 BS
T/5 John A. Cameron                 Dorchester, Mass.               BS
T/5 Joseph Cascio                   Needham Hgts, Mass.
T/5 Clarence  J. Coy                Chicago, Ill.
T/5 Roy E. Cross                    Brockton, Mass.                 SS,BS, PH
T/5 John V. Crowe                   Wellesley Hills, Mass.          BS
T/5 Joseph G. Fill                  Hadley, Mass.
T/5 John Gomes                      Stoughton, Mass.
T/5 Russell E. Hergesell            Columbus, O.                    PH
T/5 Willis M. Horton                Brockton, Mass.                 BS
T/5 Lonnie Jones, Jr.               Miami, Florida                  PH
T/5 Francis E. Keene                Avon, Mass.
T/5 Clarence G. Lindner             Akron, O.
T/5 Vincent F. Ouellette            Brockton, Mass.                 BS
T/5 Manuel J. Peters                W. Bridgewater,  Mass           BS
T/5 James H. Sinclair               Brockton, Mass.
T/5 Walter J.  Solak                Ford City, Pa.
T/5 Francis P. Uvanni               Rome, New Yk.                   SS,BS
Pfc. Carl A. Angelo                 Pottsville, Pa.
Pfc. George Arrow                   Fayette City, Pa.               BS
Pfc. J. D. Baker                    Shannon, Miss.                  PH
Pfc. William C. Bolton              Woodbine, Tenn.
Pfc. Ira C. Bracken                 Vintondale, Pa.
Pfc. Walter R. Calkins              Richmond, Ind.                  PH
Pfc. Thomas Campbell                Detroit, Mich.                  SS,BS
Pfc. Benedith B. Castanoa           Elizabeth, N.J.
Pfc. Herbert Castle                 Wheelersburg, Ky.
Pfc. Sabin L. Clark                 Readfield, Maine
Pfc. Herman R. Clayborn             Clarksville, Ark.               PH
Pfc. Anthony DiBella                New York City, N.Y.
Pfc. Salvatore J. DiMaggio          New York City, N.Y.
Pfc. Clarence B. Easley             Columbus, Miss.
Pfc. William Freeman                Newark, N.J.
Pfc. James E. Ranks                 Munford, Tenn.
Pfc. Crawford Hutto                 Midland Citv, Ala.
Pfc. Cecil A. Jackson               Gordon, Texas
Pfc. Thomas T. Kerestus             Tamaque, Pa.
Pfc. William E. Kirby               Knoxville, Tenn.
Pfc. Theodore J  Kmetz              Trenton, N.J.
Pfc. Edward J. Langlois             Holyoke, Mass.
Pfc. Jesse J. Macias                Ft. Worth, Tex.                 PH
Pfc. Ottis Manley                   Mount Ida, Ark.
Pfc. Allen S. Middleton             Pomona, Florida                 PH,OLC-PH
Pfc. Francis A. O'Malley            Troy, New York
Pfc. Henry W. Palmieri              S. Boston, Mass.
Pfc. Jacob Paluk                    Elizabeth, N.J.
Pfc. Albert E. Pekrul               Cleveland, Ohio
Pfc. Thurman O. Poss                Amarillo, Texas
Pfc. Manuel Rego                    Fall River, Mass.
Pfc. Donald T. Rochelle             Highland Park, Mich.
Pfc. Edward A. Skiba                Shenandoah, Pa.
Pfc. Manuel C. Souza, Jr.           Fall River, Mass.               PH
Pfc. Hollie A. Staats               Pt.  Pleasant, W.Va.
Pfc. Clifton H. Sweem               Braymer, Missouri
Pfc. G. W. Taylor, Jr.              Quitman, Texas
Pfc. William D. Troupe              Salem, N.J.
Pfc. Patsy Tucciarone               Oneida, N.Y.
Pfc. Morris Tucker                  Pulaski, Tenn.
Pfc. Anthony J.Vacchiano            Youngstown, Ohio
Pfc. Alex Velesko                   Medina, N.Y.                    PH
Pfc. Const S. Virginis              Taunton, Mass.
Pfc. Merton J. Vosmus               N. Easton, Mass.                PH
Pfc. Grady Webb                     Athens, Tenn.
Pfc. Edward F. Zmuda                Fall River, Mass.               PH
Pvt. Everett L. Alden               Tewksbury, Mass.                BS
Pvt. Carl E. Beck                   Cleveland, Ohio
Pvt. Charles D. Coury               Springfield, Ohio
Pvt. Ernest G. Cragin               Westbrook, Maine
Pvt. Winford C. Petty               San Miguel, Calif.
Pvt. Robert Shepard, Jr.            Greenville, Texas
Pvt. Stanley Smiechowski            New Bedford, Mass.
Pvt. Frank H. Smith                 Soldier, Ky.                    PH
Pvt. Howard Stefandel               Sulphur Springs, Ind.
Pvt. Lew A. Wooddell                Tioga, W.Va.


Name                                Address                       Awards

1st Sgt. Francis S. Soitos          Taunton, Mass.                 BS
S/Sgt. Al R. Buttermore             Taunton, Mass                  PH
S/Sgt. Ernest R. Cook               Taunton, Mass.                 SS
S/Sgt. Donald F. Dean               Taunton, Mass.                 BS,PH
S/Sgt. Johnnie O. Groce             Fayetteville, Tenn.            BS
S/Sgt. John J. Lucey                Taunton, Mass.                 BS
S/Sgt. Robert V. Matteson           Taunton, Mass.                 BS,PH
S/Sgt. Ken. F. Masters              Sheffield,Ill.                 SS,BS
S/Sgt. Everett F. Menice            Taunton, Mass.                 BS,PH
Sgt. John R. Gies                   Greeley, Colo.
Sgt. David P. Hayes                 Taunton, Mass.                 BS
Sgt. Arthur E. Lavoie               Taunton, Mass.
Sgt. John J. Rybka                  Seattle, Wash.                 P
Sgt. Manuel Silva                   Taunton, Mass.                 BS
Sgt. Harold J. Sears                Taunton, Mass.                 BS
Sgt. Ralph T. Shell                 Elizabeth, Tenn.               BS
Sgt. Albert A. Woodward             Plymouth, Mass.
T/4 Grafton R. Faulkner             Greenwood Springs, Miss.
T/4 Arthur Harvischak               Campbell, Ohio               BS,PH,OLC-PH
T/4 Edward J. Main                  Taunton, Mass.               BS
T/4 John F. Porter                  Pomeroy, Wash.               BS
T/4 Alvin A. Sonnenberg             Defiance, Ohio               BS
T/4 Willard A. Stengel              Fullerton,Pa.
T/4 Claude F. Stiffler              Garnett, Kansas
T/4 Harry L. Swift                  New Bedford, Mass.
T/4 Thomas E. Turbeville            Olanta, S. Car.
T/4 Francis A. Travis               Taunton, Mass.               SS,BS,PH,CG
Cpl. Arthur Cardoza                 N. Westport, Mass.
Cpl. Joseph Cohen                   Brooklyn, N.Yk.
Cpl. Arthur B. Corriea              Taunton, Mass.               SS
Cpl. Sabtino J. D'Agostino          Lawrence, Mass.
Cpl. Joseph E. Gibson,Jr.           Watertown, Mass.             BS
Cpl. Eugene Glaser                  New York City, N.Y.
Cpl. Robert B. Knowles              Fairhaven, Mass.
Cpl. Paul J. Ladebauche             Taunton, Mass.
Cpl. Stanley E. Nemetz              Elizabeth,N.J.
Cpl. Antone Souza                   Taunton, Mass.
Cpl. Angelo G. Tantillo             New York, N.Y.
Cpl. Frank Todorsky                 Taunton,  Mass.
Cpl. Henry Turner                   Redford, N.Y.
Cpl. Earl R. Valentine              Pawtucket, Rhode I.          SS,PH
T/5 Harry F. Bethel                 Phila. Pa.                   BS
T/5 Vincent E. Buzza                Jersey City, N.J.            SS,BS
T/5 Charlie D. Chafton              Little Rock,Ark.             PH
T/5 Anthony Gouvia                  Taunton, Mass.
T/5 Noel D. Hampton                 Naples, Tex.
T/5 Kendall L. Hull                 Torrington,Conn.
T/5 Frank C. Luiz, Jr.              Plymouth, Mass.              BS
T/5 Joseph C. Luiz                  Taunton, Mass.
T/5 Howard C. Manchester            Medford, Mass.
T/5 Charles A. Melvin               Taunton, Mass.               BS
T/5 Patrick J. McCormack            Dorchester, Mass.
T/5 Marion O'Neal                   Violet Hill, Ark.
T/5 George J. Perry                 N. Dighton, Mass.
T/5 Henry Rick                      Brooklyn, N.Y.
T/5 James L  Sawyer                 Gordon, Texas
T/5 Daniel Rose                     Taunton, Mass.
T/5 Charles H. Schuster             Tipton, Mo.                  BS
T/5 Frank H. Silvia                 N. Dighton, Mass.
T/5 Herbert H. Shumway              Taunton, Mass.
T/5 Virgil W. Vetter                Leavenworth, Kansas
T/5 Everett H. Wright               Metalton, Ark.
Pfc. Antone Amaral                  Taunton, Mass.
Pfc. Raymond C. Boyce               Englishtown, N.J.            SS
Pfc. Paul Crippin                   Banning, Calif.
Pfc. Ramon L. Delgado               Beeville, Tex.
Pfc. Reyes V. Diaz                  Abilene, Tex.
Pfc. Daniel J. Donovan              Lawrence, Mass.
Pfc. Raymond S. Doyle               Nashua, N Hamp.
Pfc. Thomas F. Ferris               Kearny, N.J.
Pfc. Robert J. Gallant              Taunton, Mass.
Pfc. Gerard J. Gaouette             Taunton, Mass.
Pfc. Charles W. Giddens             Winter Park, Fla.
Pfc. Roy E. Gossett                 Edmond, Okla.
Pfc. Homer L. Hawkins               Abilene, Texas               PH
Pfc. Wesley T. Healy                Elizabeth, N.J.
Pfc. J. W. Jackson                  Abilene, Texas
Pfc. Nolen V. Johnson               Thomasville, N. Car.
Pfc. Raymond E. Heasley             Clarion, Pa.
Pfc. Henry J. D. Intemann           Brooklyn, N.Y.
Pfc. Stanley Kon                    Ambridge, Pa.
Pfc. Solomon M. Kutin               Fall River, Mass.            BS
Pfc. Leroy A  Lopez                 Chicago, Ill.
Pfc. Laurence Luketich              Detroit, Mich.
Pfc. H. P. Martindale               Thornton, Ark.
Pfc. Wilbur G. Marzloff             Irvington, N. J.
Pfc. Walter O. Massengale           Hico, Texas.
Pfc. John T. Miller                 Ether, N. Car.
Pfc. James E. Nunnally              Newburgh, N.Y.
Pfc. Vincent O'Brien                S. Boston, Mass.
Pfc. Tony S. Pecoriello             Brooklyn, N.Y.
Pfc. Joseph A. Pierce               Taunton, Mass.               PH
Pfc. Anthony J. Popich              New York, N.Y.
Pfc. Walter J. Proper               Titusville, Pa.
Pfc. Chad E. Raney                  Mineola, Tex.                SS
Pfc. Frank T. Robinson, Jr.         Bridgewater, Mass.
Pfc. Rosario J. Rumore              St. Martinville, La.
Pfc. Joseph J. Santoro              Monaca, Pa.
Pfc. Rodney P. Seekell              Taunton, Mass.
Pfc. Kenneth F. Smith               Taunton, Mass.               SS,PH
Pfc. George J. Turgyan              Florence, N.J.
Pvt. Henry R. Black                 Crane, Tex.
Pvt. Billy J. Epperson              Barnsdall, Okla.
Pvt. Joseph J. DeVita               Phila., Pa.
Pvt. Murray Fishman              Bronx,N.Y. (Killed in Action)PH (pos)
Pvt. William E. Head                Sharpsville,  Ind.
Pvt. Alfred W. Hester               Hominy, Okla.
Pvt. Will E.  Hughey                Imbodan, Ark.
Pvt. Eugene A. Lewis                San Antonio, Texas
Pvt. Beynon J. Marske               Capron, Ill.
Pvt. David C. Martin                Winona, Texas
Pvt. James A. Roberts, Jr.          St. Joseph, Mich.
Pvt. Paul P. Spodnick               Bridgeport, Conn.
Pvt. Antone R. Silva                Taunton, Mass.
Pvt. Charles B. Terry               Grassflat, Pa.
Pvt. Leander W. Warren              Manchester, Tenn.
Pvt. Daniel E. Wilson               Strong, Ark.


Name                                Address                     Awards

M/Sgt. Raymond F. Torpey            Fall River, Mass.            BS
1st Sgt. Douglass F. Wilbur         Brockton, Mass.              BS
T/Sgt. Jack L. Crutchfield          Bonham, Texas                BS
T/Sgt. Morris M. Karlin             Roxbury, Mass.               BS
S/Sgt. Ernest J. LeClair            New Bedford, Mass.
S/Sgt. Milton E. Kenny              Boston, Mass.
T/Sgt. Barley V. McGinnis           Atchison, Kansas             BS
S/Sgt. Benjamin F. Poole            Lynn, Mass.
S/Sgt. William J. Silva             Boston, Mass.
S/Sgt. Joseph M. Wanczyk            Hadley, Mass.                BS
S/Sgt. Harvey A. Wittman            Olivia, Minn.
Sgt. Thomas P. Condon               Brookline, Mass.             BS
Sgt. John F. Connolly               Boston, Mass.                BS
Sgt. Everett B. Mercer              Fall River, Mass.            BS
Sgt. Charles R. Shelton             Grundy Center, Iowa          BS
Sgt. Francis B. Harrington          New Bedford, Mass.
T/4 Victor Baczewski                Revere, Mass.
T/4 Oliva J. Bosse                  Fall River, Mass.            BS
T/4 Lester M. Cannedy               Dallas, Tex.                 SS
T/4 William R. Gartrell             Dequeen, Ark.                BS
T/4 Leon J. Greenwood               Eads, Colo.
T/4 Ricco Intonti                   Dedham, Mass.
T/4 Woodrow A. King                 Fall River, Mass.
T/4 David J. Machietto              Westfield, Mass.             BS
T/4 Andrew Ordog                    Lakeland, Fla.               BS
T/4 Anthony Quadagnito              Routan, N.J.                 BS
T/4 Charles Quintal                 Fall River, Mass.
T/4 Joe R. Shipman                  Springlake, Texas
T/4 Louis J. Silvia                 Fall River, Mass.
T/4 Marcus C. Southworth            Brockton, Mass.              BS
T/4 Robert H. Troy                  Metz, W. Va.
Cpl. Paul W. Delorey                Auburndale, Mass.
Cpl. Michael J. Garvey              New York, N.Y.
Cpl. John A. Oteri                  Everett, Mass.
Cpl. James Phillips                 English, N. Carolina
T/5 Harold E. Anderson              Galesburg, Ill.              PH
T/5 Marion O. Barker, Jr.           Mountverde, Fla.             BS
T/5 Joseph M. Brienza               Bound Brook, N.J.
T/5 Clarence E. Byler               Boswell, Ark.
T/5 Cleve Carroll                   c/o C. J. Carroll, Dallas, Texas  PH
T/5 Andrew W. Conway, Jr.           Carthage, Texas
T/5 Peter P. Dirmeitis              Elizabeth, N.J.
T/5 Frank I. Gann                   Dallas, Texas                PH
T/5 Edward P. Groncki               Schenectady, N.Y.
T/5 Vincent J. Hampson              Trenton, N.J.
T/5 LaVance I. Harrison             Eldorado, Ark.
T/5 Clarence E. Hawes               Hyde Park, Mass.
T/5 Irving J. Lannon                Fall River, Mass.
T/5 Louis N. Lauro                  Long Island City, N.Y.
T/5 Benjamin Leandro                Fall River, Mass.
T/5 Willard Masker                  Beaver Lake, N.J.
T/5 Thomas R. Odle                  Sugar Tree, Tenn.            BS
T/5 Dominic Papada                  Pottsville, Pa.
T/5 Harlan H. Ray                   Cromwell, Iowa
T/5 John R. Rose                    Taunton, Mass.
T/5 Lawrence C. Tracy               Avon, Mass.
Pfc. Clarence L. Adams           Vilonia, Ark. (Killed in Action) PH (Pos)
Pfc. Willie E. Bearden              Dallas, Texas.
Pfc. Stanley Busch                  New York, N.Y.
Pfc. Murry L. Carter                Osceola, Ark.
Pfc. Anthony S. Dedola              Brownsville, Pa.
Pfc. William L. Faulk               El Dorado, Ark.              SS
Pfc. Arnold W.  Freemam             Brooklyn, N.Y.
Pfc. Thomas C.Heslin                Bridgeport, Pa.
Pfc. Ilmar J. Kaipio                Newark, N.J.                 PH
Pfc. James Kettlewood               Pompton Plains, N.J.         PH
Pfc. Lloyd L. Klemm                 Brandt, S. Dakota
Pfc. William A. Laing               Avenel, N.J.
Pfc. Raymond F. Little, Jr.         Baltimore, Md.
Pfc. Thomas C. Leonard              Oil Trough, Ark.
Pfc. Chester W. Lipka               Watawan, N.J.
Pfc. William J. McFeely             Buffalo, N.Y.
Pfc. Peter F. Marinaro              Brooklyn, N.Y.
Pfc. Lawrence W. Moser              LaCrosse, Ark.               SS
Pfc. William J. McGrath             Hyde Park, Mass.
Pfc. James C. Mello                 Fall River, Mass.
Pfc. Lee R. Nunley                  Rivervale, Ark.              BS
Pfc. Billy H. Purdom                Sherman, Texas
Pfc. Harry W. Quail                 Kearny, N. J.
Pfc. Ira C. Rounds                  Mineral, Ark.                PH
Pfc. John A. Ruis                   Pease, Minn.                 SS
Pfc. Merrell Z. Savage              Calico Rock, Ark.
Pfc. Julious L. Sewell              Hawkins, Texas               PH
Pfc. Guy C. Tringale                Boston, Mass.
Pfc. Meardith L. Teague             Lewisville, Tex.
Pfc. Quint Worel, Jr.               Ash Flat,Ark.
Pvt. Ralph S. Cone                  Providence, R.1.
Pvt. Theodore J. Corlies            Philadelphia, Pa.
Pvt. Edward J. Gawlik               Elizabeth,N.J.
Pvt. Isadore Glassoff               Everett, Mass.
Pvt. Clinton A. Hist                Cleveland, 0.
Pvt. Henry J. Humphreys             Gastonia, N.C.               SS
Pvt. Cecilio Mandoza                San Antonio, Tex.
Pvt. Guido Ricottelli               Hyde Park, Mass.
Pvt. John P. Timko                  Granite City, Ill.
Pvt. Melvin G. Zorn                 Jamaica Plain, Mass.
Pvt. Murl Cardwell                  La Grange, Georgia


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